Save money and secure your home or office with our smart system

💠 Garden irrigation system automation ( By time or humidity)

💠Control your children’s play station and television from phone ( all types)

💠Control any kind of combi boiler heater from phone ( or using by schedule)

💠 Camera Door Bell to phone

💠 Garage door automation from phone

💠Motion sensor to phone

💠Window breaking to phone

💠Door opening times and alerts

💠Control your complete room’s electricity from phone

💠Control your lights remotely from phone

💠Exhaust timer or automation

💠Open your home’s door remotely from phone

💠Security Cameras to phone

💠Ac automation

💠Control your home’s water from phone

💠Control your home’s Gas from phone

💠Check your electricity consumption from phone

💠Contact us for more automation



هر خانه یا دفتری را به هوشمند تبدیل کنید و در هزینه و زمان خود صرفه جویی کنید. (مثل قبض گاز و برق)

درب خانه یا دروازه، درب گاراژ، درب دفتر یا درب مغازه خود را از تلفن همراه خود کنترل کنید

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