Save money and secure your home or office with our smart system

💠 Garden irrigation system automation ( By time or humidity)

💠Control your children’s play station and television from phone ( all types)

💠Control any kind of combi boiler heater from phone ( or using by schedule)

💠 Camera Door Bell to phone

💠 Garage door automation from phone

💠Motion sensor to phone

💠Window breaking to phone

💠Door opening times and alerts

💠Control your complete room’s electricity from phone

💠Control your lights remotely from phone

💠Exhaust timer or automation

💠Open your home’s door remotely from phone

💠Security Cameras to phone

💠Ac automation

💠Control your home’s water from phone

💠Control your home’s Gas from phone

💠Check your electricity consumption from phone

💠Contact us for more automation



Herhangi bir evi veya ofisi akıllı hale getirin ve paradan ve zamandan tasarruf edin. (Gaz ve elektrik faturaları gibi)

Ev kapınızı veya kapınızı, garaj kapınızı, ofis kapınızı veya mağaza kapınızı cep telefonunuzdan kontrol edin

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