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What are the benefits of our WhatsApp automation for your buisnesse or company?


  1. With the help of our modern Al automation technology, your WhatsApp will be able to reply to multiple customers simultaneously, sending over 1000 messages in a minute. This level of efficiency is equivalent to the work of hundreds of employees and saves you their salaries.

  2. Our AI system will filter your customers for you by asking them some questions through WhatsApp. It can ignore non-serious customers, while automatically saving the contact data of serious and important customers on your cloud.

  3. With the assistance of our new AI technology, WhatsApp is able to communicate with your audience in a human-like manner rather than as a bot. It can easily comprehend their needs by typing any relevant word.

  4. Employees may only respond to customers during working hours, but our automated WhatsApp service is available to respond to your customers 24/7, including during lunchtime, holidays and midnight when employees are sleeping.

  5. With the assistance of our new Al technology, WhatsApp will accurately save and categorize your data in Google Sheets, allowing you to access it remotely from anywhere. This will help eliminate human errors too.

  6. Time-saving: WhatsApp automation allows you to send mass messages to a large number of contacts, saving you your valuable time.

  7. Personalization: You can customize automated messages by using variables to include the recipient’s name or other specific information, giving a sense of personalization and attention to each contact.

  8. Error reduction: WhatsApp automation eliminates the risks of human errors when sending mass messages, ensuring that each message is sent accurately and consistently.

  9. Improved engagement: WhatsApp automation allows you to send scheduled messages for specific events, reminders, or promotional offers, which can increase user engagement and encourage them to interact with your business.

  10. Tracking and analysis: WhatsApp automation tools provide tracking and analysis features to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, message open rates, and conversion rates, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

  11. Enhanced productivity: WhatsApp automation enables efficient management of conversations using pre-recorded responses or chatbot, allowing for quick responses to customer inquiries and improving overall productivity.

  12. Cost savings: By automating communication processes on WhatsApp, you can reduce costs associated with hiring additional staff to manage conversations or marketing campaigns.

  13. International WhatsApp Forwarding: To ensure privacy and maintain a professional image, you can forward your local WhatsApp number to your employees in another country while concealing their personal numbers. This way, your customers will only see and interact with your company’s WhatsApp number, ensuring a seamless communication experience while protecting your employees’ privacy.

In summary, WhatsApp automation offers many benefits, including time-saving, message personalization, error reduction, improved engagement, tracking and analysis, enhanced productivity, and cost savings.

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